Integrated Surgical is a privately held medical device development company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. We are committed to addressing unmet clinical needs in surgery with innovative technologies.

Our core, patented technologies revolutionize the evacuation of smoke and fluid from the surgical field. Surgical smoke and fluid puts the patient at risk by obstructing the view of the surgical field, impeding the performance of the electrosurgical pencil (ESP), and reducing operator efficiency.

We have developed a family of novel, one-time use products that have low manufacturing costs while delivering improved performance over existing devices. Our Fully Integrated Retractable Suction (FIRST) technology evacuates both surgical smoke and fluid with a single device that works with industry leading ESPs. Our Pressurized Ultralight Liquid Smoke Evacuator (PULSE) technology, is a groundbreaking stand-alone device for smoke filtration and fluid suction. Separation of evacuated substances is handled by our Smoke Liquid Separator (SLS) technology.

Each of our technologies integrates seamlessly with current OR workflow and industry-leading devices as either stand-alone technologies, or utilized together to deliver truly revolutionary smoke and fluid evacuation.

Integrated Surgical is actively seeking a strategic partner for acquisition or licensing of our patented and patent pending technologies.